2017 Officer Installation

Ed Coleman brought in an awesome custom cake

Special awards and plaques

Hats for the Grand Knights, outgoing and incoming

Officer jewels for the new officers






John Knox, outgoing Grand Knight, addresses the new officers



Father Rippy prepares his remarks for the new officers.



New officers rise


Jackson Martellar receives his Chancellor jewel

Preston Geter receives his Outside Guard jewel





Tim Gibbons, Financial Secretary




Ed Finney, Warden



John Seelig, Recorder


Dan Burke, Deputy Grand Knight

Ed Coleman, Grand Knight


Preston Geter, Outside Guard




John Knox, former Grand Knight

Jackson Marstellar, Chancellor



Bill Russell, Treasurer


Laslo Godor, Inside Guard



Father Rippy, Chaplain


Larry Cerruti, Trustee


Trustee, Kerry Gorton